Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Survey Says...

We don't live on this great planet for very long before we realize that life has a funny habit of throwing a few curve-balls our way. If we aren't careful, we could easily be knocked out of the game. Curve-balls come in many forms, but what they have in common is the way they typically make ones head spin in concentric circles. Dizzy much? We become confused. Disoriented. We may perspire profusely, dehydrate, beg for mercy, beg for help. We seek advice in the oddest of places - from the garbage man, the lady packing our groceries, the UPS guy. Yet, can they really assist? Perhaps, though it's doubtful. Sometimes its necessary to attune to our own instincts to guide us in our decisions. But...how? It isn't always easy. What we humans need is a Gut-O-Meter. What is this, you ask? Here is the thirty second infomercial.
The Gut-O-Meter looks a lot like that giant game show board from The Family Feud.

Whenever we are faced with an urgent life choice, or any important matter in need of deciphering, we simply have to refer to the board. Should you leave your job? Survey says....The Gut-O-Meter comes complete with that annoying buzzer and those blaring red Xs to be certain you know precisely how to proceed. No more hedging and second-guessing. Say farewell to Monday morning quarterbacking, to those "Why didn't I see the signs?" Those moments of regret for the road not taken or the one taken in err. With this handy dandy machine you will always be on the sure and steady super-highway. Also available with the optional Warning Robot.

(If you don't remember this happy little guy you are just way too young.) When faced with complete and utter uncertainty (i.e.: is that unemployed 36-year-old guy living with his mom a total loser, or what?) Warning Robot will flail his arms and make enough noise to wake Peoria.

Sound good to you? Where can you get one? Well, you already own it. In fact we all do. We simply need to trust that little voice inside of ourselves, the one we most often question or flat-out ignore. The voice of our intuition, our tried and true Gut-O-Meter.

Truth be told it takes some practice to learn to listen to ourselves, to follow the direction we know to be right. We are so used to having someone else show us the way. But it's time, my friends. It's time to get quiet and tune in. To stop rushing around in a mad panic in search of what to do! You already know.

Survey says - Trust your Instinct.

It's the number one answer. Everytime.


  1. So true, Louise. So many times we know what to do, and we don't do it.

  2. I'd love to have one of those. I rarely follow my instincts and there's a price to pay in the end.