Author Spotlight on Crystal Cattabriga

I’m most pleased to welcome one of my all-time favorite authors back to The Hook. Please make the wonderful and talented Crystal Cattabriga feel right at home. Crystal, tell us a little about your latest novel…
 First of all, thank you for having me back at The Hook. It’s always a pleasure. That being said, my newest book that I’m extremely proud of is called "In His Honor" which is the sequel to my Award Winning book, "Saving Bobby."

 Crystal, remind our readers about your previous published works…
 The first book I’d written was back in June 2011 called Shattered into Pieces. This book is a Non-Fiction book based upon my life. As I began to work on my next book, I decided to focus on hope, faith, love, and loss which allowed me to create Saving Bobby This book is dear to me. Each character is written based upon a person who has inspired me in my life.  
Within the following two years, I’ve released Torn Souls; God Blessed the Broken Road which is a series. Book one and two are out. I’m currently working on book three which will end the series, a new y/a romance book called Little Harbor, and The Untold Story of My Love.

Where can we purchase this new book and any of your other titles?
All my books are available on Amazon.
Which author/authors have been the most inspiring to you as a writer?
Wow, what a tough question. Off the top of my head, I’d have to say Nicholas Sparks of course.

Regarding writing, what one piece of advice do you consider most valuable?
If you believe in what you write, your readers will believe in what they read.

What is your favorite quote (any topic)?
“A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.”

You’re on a desert Island, which 3 books (other than your own) would you have with you to read and re-read until you hopefully get rescued:
Where the Heart Is
 The Notebook
 Mrs. Kennedy and Me

How can we find you? 

Thank you for being here once again, Crystal! Best of luck to you with your book sales.

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