Sunday, March 27, 2011


So of course you've heard by now that the dictionary has graciously agreed to include the likes of these popular abbreviations. Go ahead, LOL, but I kid you not. It's surely a sign of the times. And far be it for me to ever be lagging behind the latest and greatest in word-wear. As someone who spends a great many hours seeking the exact right turn of phrase, a new word or two might actually come in handy. Let's face it they've all been done to death, haven't they? Take LOVE for example. Those four letters have been used, re-used and abused more often than another four-letter ditty I can think of. (WTF is blogger referring to now?) The world may be ready for another word that would stand for the "profoundly tender, passionate attraction for another person or thing." Or not.

Look, I'm no English snob. I can appreciate the modern vernacular, even at those moments when it seems I can't quite figure out what it means. Still, I am wistful. Some small part of me clings to the notion that the language I've been raised on, taught so carefully and now manipulate with equal parts joy and (occasional) frustration should remain unscathed by current cultural fads. Either way, I'm told I need to GOI (get over it.)
Change is a good thing, right?
Or not....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Expectations

So the way I see it, I'm roughly 2 & 1/2 months along. Not actually pregnant. Oh heavens, no. Been there, done that. Got the scars to prove it, if need be. I'm anticipating the birth of my first "child in print." She's due to deliver sometime this year, closer to the fall if my calculations are correct. My lovely publishers are working out all the details as we speak.
At this stage of the game it's a lot like walking around with a tiny fetus in your belly. The joy of it being just you two, before the world gets its hands of your little bundle of joy. Conceiving a book baby requires greater effort than the average real baby. For some folks the real baby conception needs little more than a Friday night and a bottle of chilled Patron. But I digress.
It's a quiet and special time, lest for the morning sickness. Soon the planning, the editing, the rolling up of the sleeves. The nesting. It's all coming. Minus the 30 extra pounds in the mid-section. (Graciously.)
Next thing I know, I'll be panting, trying to remember to breathe, sucking on ice chips, and eventually welcoming her into the universe. Naturally I'll have all the typical new mom worries. Does she have all her pages in place? Is she warm enough in her ISBN?
And the new mom anxieties.
Will the other books take kindly to her? Will she fit it, stand out, be liked, maybe even loved?
For now, I'll sit with my expectations. Waiting. Enjoying the moment.