Monday, April 29, 2013

Guest Blog - Author Buffy Andrews

In Everything That Happens There's a Seed for Something Better

By Buffy Andrews

For months, I’ve prayed for God’s guidance about my writing career, for the wisdom to make the right choices and the strength to bear the weight of those decisions. I kept asking God for a sign that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do, but a sign never came. He wasn’t listening, I thought.
It turned out that I was the one who hadn’t been listening, who hadn’t seen the signs that were right before my eyes.

Sorry, God. I got it now. Promise.

I think that in everything that happens there's a seed for something better. But first, you have to recognize the seed and plant it in fertile ground. Then, you must nurture it, making sure it gets just the right about of water and sunshine.

So often in life, we plant our seeds in ground that is not conducive to growth. And when the plant doesn’t flourish, we try everything in our power to help it grow. But sometimes, no matter how much love we provide, it just doesn’t become the plant we know it can become. 

Maybe it needs to be planted in the shade or maybe it’s getting too much run-off from the downspout. Or maybe it’s time to take it inside and nurse it back to health.

You know that your plant has potential. It’s up to you to help it bloom into the masterpiece hidden within.
For those of you who have planted a seed in infertile soil and watched it wither, dig it out and start anew. I'm betting it will bloom.

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