Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mama Leone left a Note on the Door...

...she said Sonny move out to  the country...

After some 17 years in our home we are preparing to relocate. At this time I have only one question.


Sorry for the rant. It's been a long couple weeks. The process of cleaning out and deciding what to pack and what to chuck has taken its toll. Blogger is a wee bit, shall we say, edgy? I'm trying to look at this as a good thing, really I am. A fresh slate, an opportunity to get organized. To part company with the Clutter Creature that seems to have crept in, in its sneaky little way, and quietly taken hold of my closets and drawers. It's cathartic, actually. All the heaving and hoeing. Yet it isn't without contradiction.
It's an ending. It's a beginning.
Which, exactly?
Both, exactly.
Moving is a coin. Heads it's happy, tails it's sad. Flip and see which it'll land on today. The bigger part of me is enjoying the moment - desperately ready to expand, contract. Chances are we have months to go before we say goodbye to the old place, hand over the keys to the next owner. For now it's about decisions. Keep the lamp or toss it? Does that sofa go? Oh, hell no.
This morning I'm going to tackle the cabinet in the basement where the kids stored all the videos they watched when they were little. Yet I wonder...what does one do with 48 Disney movies - VCR format - when nobody has a VCR anymore? Won't the Little Mermaid be peeved if she winds up staring at the business end of a Hefty bag?
It was dear Walt Disney himself who said :

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Yes, it does.


  1. As someone who has actually kept a pirate hat made from classwork on my 18th birthday in highschool, I can understand. My best advice is, if it really pulls your heartstrings, keep it but don't let that little "you never know" monster creep in there or you'll move with everything you have. :)

  2. Thanks, Krista. So I guess I shouldn't hang onto my Ronco Food Dehydrator? I mean, it doesn't have any sentimental value but what if I have this sudden, uncontrollable urge for homemade beef jerky?! Then what???