Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Got Face & Stuff - It's a Book

And so, after spending many, many months growing all its fingers and toes, book baby Wishless has arrived!
I want to thank the terrific L & L team for working so hard to help bring this story to life. They did an outstanding job on the cover, editing and "delivering" a bouncing baby e-book, soon to be in print and available also at Amazon, B & N, & Fictionwise.

If you decide to make a purchase, first-off I thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the read. My goal was to lift you out of the day-to-day details of your life and entertain you for a little while. Maybe you'll forget a trouble or two. Perhaps you'll even laugh, cry, and smile along the way.

Now that its here, I'll surely be busy with all the 3 a.m. feedings. At least the morning sickness has finally stopped. Kinda...

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