Monday, August 1, 2011

Do You Believe?

It wasn't as if I was in the mood to debate the subject of miracles. Yet, I recently ran into a woman I know who was hot and heavy on the miracle bandwagon. Up until now I've been a bit of a miracle agnostic. Perhaps that's too harsh a term. Maybe I've just more or less outgrown the notion, the way you do Santa Claus or happily-ever-after. (Boy oh boy, Blogger is certainly surly this evening.) Not really. I suppose I need some solid proof, something tangible to hang my hat on. This woman caught me during the right week. If ever I needed a miracle its right about now. So she says it's all about having faith. You must, she advises, always believe in the impossible.
But isn't that an awfully big commitment?
I guess I could try it on for size for the next few days. See how it fits. If things work out, I might actually become a miracle convert. Will she or won't she? Tune in again next time to find out the answer...


  1. If I didn't have my family as my cheerleaders, I wouldn't accomplish much. When I lose faith/hope in a project, they pick up the slack by cheering me along until I'm ready to carry my load again.

    You friend is right, "always believe in the impossible." The world is full of amazing people who did what no one else would.