Thursday, September 1, 2011

You don't mess with Mama N.

Mother Nature must be pretty ticked off. Over the past couple months, we here on the east coast have been subject to the trifecta of weather events. First a hail storm, then an earthquake and most recently, hurricane Irene.
So many people are wondering why. What's the deal with all this atmospheric mayhem?
If you ask me, MN, that dear old girl, was thinking that us earthly type needed to be reminded we aren't ever really in control. At any given moment, with a flick of her weatherly wrist we could be running for cover, shaken out of our seats and blown halfway to kingdom come.
I imagine the Wicked Weather Maker herself, perched up on her throne in the sky. She's sorta bored. She's kinda annoyed. Needs a hobby but they all don't seem to fit. Mother Nature - the Cross Stitch Queen? Not so much. She has cramps. Maybe she's even menopausal. (She IS all about nature, right?) It's Tuesday. Or is it Wednesday? She's so sick and tired of the typical sunny summer days she could spit. She knows it's naughty, but whose to stop her? She reaches down into that sack of tricks, gathering dust next to her chair.
And - wham!! Take that - earthlings.
She watches the mass hysteria from overhead, half-amused. Then she realizes it wasn't that entertaining after all. Perhaps she feels a little bad for the trouble she caused. She throws us a week of calm sunshine as a peace offering which we lowly earthly type graciously accept. And somehow, if only for a week or so, we're humbled by her power. We're reminded that the control we perceive to have is just an illusion. We pitch our tents, plan our picnics, our beach days, our nature hikes. We go on as if. Because it's what we do best.
I, for one, hope we good folks on the east coast don't do anything else to piss her off.
She's one tough cookie.

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  1. Great post, Louise! As I sit & type this, I fear the storm approaching. I'm hoping for a nice calm winter.