Sunday, September 18, 2011

Of Bucket Lists & Best Sellers

I usually do my best reading at the nail salon. I also do my best eavesdropping. It can't be helped. So it was at my appointment this week when I sat with my toes in the suds and a book in my hands, four feet away from two women boisterously discussing the recent updating of their bucket lists. I'll call them Lady Loud and Lady Louder. Lady Loud was pleased to report she's added  "learn to speak Russian" to her list. Because, she said, "it's like having to climb a mountain. It's there."
Ahem. Okay - if you insist.
Lady Louder countered with the latest addition to her bucket list. "I'm going to write a best seller," she announced.
Lady Loud was only slightly impressed. "Oh, yeah. That's on my list, too."
I coughed. I squirmed. I wanted to ask them if they'd every written anything before. I wanted to mention, in passing that I had and so did about a gazillion other people and how we'd ALL like to be on that elusive best seller list, thank you very much.
Turns out that neither one of the Lady Loud's had ever written anything more than a grocery list - according to their conversation. Yet, this "bestselling author hard could it be? I mean, that Harry Potter lady did it and it seems she's making boatloads of cash."
I kid you not. Um...Beuller? Anyone?
I could have invited myself into the discussion. Introduced myself as a struggling writer/starving artist and enlightened them on the ins and outs of the game. But then I thought, maybe, it WAS that simple. Perhaps if I
just add it to my own bucket list, it will happen.
Or not. Probably not. Most likely not.
I'm not a Pessimist. I'm a Realist wrapped in a Dreamer. The idea is to work hard, play hard, study hard, write hard and keep plugging when you think you can't plug another second. And by all means, keep at those lists. Might have worked for JK and hell...
if the Lady Loud's can do it, hopefully, so can I.

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