Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#NewRelease News! GATES OF PERDITION is here!

Hey there friends! I wanted to share this exciting NEW RELEASE news with you.
GATES OF PERDITION, the long-awaited prequel to MIRRORS OF ANGUISH, is now available on
Print ($14.95)gates.small | Kindle eBook ($3.50)
In MIRRORS OF ANGUISH, journalist Jill Duport returns to the Pocono town of Belcorte, where her grandparents had lived and her mother had grown up. She's in town for two reasons: first, because she's been willed the house by her mother's death; second, she wants to investigate the life of her controversial grandfather, who was an accused murderer.
In GATES OF PERDITION, we get to meet Jill's grandfather, who is a college professor. Professor Arthur Townsend is outraged by the pregnancy of his teenage daughter and seeks advice from a friend and colleague who happens to be a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, however, is preoccupied by a patient with unusual abilities. But the psychiatrist agrees to talk to Arthur's daughter to determine who got her pregnant. The evidence points to Campton Couny's wealthiest family, and left without recourse, Professor Townsend decides to take revenge.
Meanwhile, a young girl has vanished in Belcorte. She was last seen at Indianhead Reservoir in the presence of her boyfriend. The investigating police officer is a young transfer from Baltimore who came to Belcorte to be with his girlfriend, and as more young women begin to disappear from Belcorte, he worries for her safety.
GATES OF PERDITION is a rich, complex book with a large cast of characters. GATES explores the mental state of a small town in the clutches of a brutal serial killer. GATES is a story of madness, revenge, and intersecting lives that are treading on dark paths.

You don't want to miss this suspenseful, intelligent and enigmatic read.

Pick up your copy today!

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