Friday, February 6, 2015


I just have to say it, even though I know how terribly cliché it sounds: holy cow - time flies! Can you believe it's been ONE YEAR since the release of The Making of Nebraska Brown?? It's crazy to me that twelve months have already gone by. It's been great getting to know my readers. I appreciate each one of you for devoting your reading hours to my books and stories.

For those of you who still haven't had an opportunity to check out the novel being called "Oz meets Tuscan Sun" - now is your chance to pick it up (with brand new awesome cover art!) for a super-low anniversary celebration price of only .99 cents! Just follow the link for quick purchase:

With over 50 5-star reviews, I invite you to see for yourself why some are referring to Nebraska Brown as "an engrossing, intelligent, and evocative journey you must take."

Thank you all again for your notes and emails, for your kind reviews and your follows. I hope you will stay close. There's more where this came from.

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