Thursday, January 15, 2015

Coffee & Breeze w/ Carole & Louise - Talkin' 'Bout Our Resolutions - Writer Style


Welcome to the Hook's first Coffee & Breeze of 2015! Naturally the time is ripe for affirming our writerly goals. Hmm. Yes, I said writerly. Which brings me to my first resolution. In the coming year I resolve to stop making up my own faux version of real words. As an editor, too, I find it particularly pondersome. Oops. There I go again. What about you, Carole? Anything you plan to do or not do in these next twelve months?
CAROLE: Oh yes! This year, I will not become distracted from my precious writing time by quizzes on FB that promise to tell me which Disney princess I am. 
LOUISE: Well, it IS somewhat urgent to determine if you're Jasmine or Belle.
LOUISE: And speaking of characters, I plan to stop permitting my protagonists to interrupt me while I'm in the shower. After all, a girl needs her cream rinse privacy!
CAROLE: Indeed! What gall. Oh and I solemnly vow; I will give up my affinity for semi colons.
LOUISE: Semi colons are the belch of the sentence world. Not very ladylike, I'd say. I vow to finally make my peace with my comma coma. It is what it is. Or it is, what it is. Whatever.
CAROLE: I will stop referring to those hours lost to cupcake recipes and DYI birdhouses on Pinterest as “research time."
LOUISE: Wait. That's NOT research? In that case, I guess I should stop referring to my Twitter feed as "homework."
CAROLE: I shall endeavor to use the word EPIPHANEY whenever possible because it just hit me what a great word it is.  
LOUISE: EUREKA! It IS a great word. I shall endeavor to never again use EUREKA in a sentence anywhere. Ever.
And for our final resolution - this one Carole and I both share:
C & L - I will drink more coffee, read more books, and finish my novel.  And this year I really mean it!

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