Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mid-Summer's Eve Giveaway

Okay, I know summer hasn't officially arrived quite yet, but seeing as how it's my absolute favorite season - I just can't wait to celebrate! There's something special to me about those long stretched out days when the sun seems only too eager to hang around, and the temperature coaxes us to shed our woolly socks and venture outdoors. It sparks every one of my senses with memories of my childhood. In my mind's eye I revisit those swimming lessons, those beach-bound carloads of friends, those star-filled evenings chasing wishes, fireflies and ice-cream trucks. I hear the lawnmowers, the cicadas and the laughter that floated up into the treetops. I taste the watermelon, smell the hot dogs on the grill, and feel the warm earth beneath my bare feet.

To hail the dawn of these wonderful months we're giving away two e-Book copies of WISHLESS. (Read more below to enter.) Please take a moment to share what you like best about the sizzling season of summer.

Thanks to Kathy for arranging this fun hop.

Now get outside and soak up some rays - but, don't forget the sunscreen and of course, a good book! There's no better place to read than in a comfy chaise lounge under a bright blue sky.

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  1. It means the whole world to me-it makes me smile at the other person and stop judging him

  2. Kindness to me is helping people just to help someone in need not for what you may get in return

  3. What I like best about summer is listening to children play outside late into the evening; laughing, running, catching fireflies..........happiest sound in the world to me.

  4. Kindness is interacting with people unconditionally. Treat every person as if they were Jesus.

  5. Being there to help someone, anyone, at a time when the world seems to have turned against them, and not expecting anything in return except seeing how happy and grateful that person is.

  6. Kindness means sharing a smile when deep down you really do not feel like smiling, but taking a moment to give to someone else to make them happy :)