Monday, December 5, 2011

Ten Lords A-Leaping (in sensible heels)

Since we're singing Christmas songs all this month here at The Hook, (check out the Holiday Hitz corner for a new melody every day or so) this morning I am humming "The Twelve Days of Christmas"...if for no other reason than I'm cleaning out my shoe closet. What's that you ask? Connection please, you twisted little Blogger? It's those Nine Ladies Dancing and boy are they dancing up a storm! Not only do I have more than enough shoes for all of those women to party down in, I have enough for those milking maids, the pipers and the drummers drumming.

Segue into the heart of the matter - what is it with us females and our feet? Why exactly do we need fourteen different pair of flip flops? And if I'm being more seasonally correct...why do we require that our closet shelves house more boots than we can wear in our lifetime? At the risk of being painfully sexist, I dare wonder: is this a G-I-R-L thing? My Significant Other has a shoe repertoire that consists of approximately three changes of sole scenery = new work boots, work boots, and gross work boots.
Hey, whatever works for ya. Far be it for me to judge. Oh, but wait! Seems I've forgotten about his dress shoes, the pair he wears for attending weddings and funerals. The same pair he's had since 1987. I stand corrected.

With only two feet, is it fetish-ish to indulge the desire to dress them up in as many looks as possible without having to take a second mortgage on the house? This isn't about expen$ive footgear. There isn't a Manolo or a Louboutin in my collection (she sighs.) That's the stuff of Carrie Bradshaw's walk-in, not mine.

I'm merely suspecting that from the first time I clomped around in my mother's sensible heels, it's very possible I got, well - hooked. So, this Christmas am I expecting Santa to bring me a new pair of something fuzzy or stacked, something peep-toed or sling-backed or Italian leather?
The odds are favorable.
Or I can take it in a whole other direction and ask Santa for five golden rings...
Either way. I'm easy to please :)
And a partridge in a pear tree.

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