Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Movers, Shakers, Winners & Dust Bunnies

Thanks so much to all those who entered the Blog Hop eBook contest. Rafflecopter has chosen two winners who have been notified. Congrats to Yto and Tami Brothers! Hope you guys will enjoy WISHLESS!
The Blog Hop was a great distraction. Truth be told - I needed one. We're in the eleventh hour of our move and the boxes are piling up. I'd climb the walls if only I could find them. Musician Dave Mustaine said, "Moving on is a simple thing. What it leaves behind is hard."
Simple? I beg to differ.
After seventeen years it seems we've acquired the household contents equivalent in mass to one moderately sized third world country. And here I was, positive that I'd been diligent in effectively heaving and hoeing throughout the years. Now I'm thinking...not so much.
So, for the next couple weeks I will be shaking things up around this place. The sanitation men will likely have my photo on their dash with a giant black slash through my face. Sorry for the trash boys, but its time for this girl to pack up and get a move on. The only things I plan to leave behind are the dust bunnies under the stove. And that's only if the Swiffer doesn't reach that far.
PS - Stay tuned for the next contest, gang. I had way too much fun to stop now!


  1. Louise, This time last year we were moving. Mom and DAd were moving into assisted living, and David and I were downsizing by about 50%. Even after countless trips to Goodwill, a garage sale, stuff left on the curb for the "pickers" and the trash men, we still filled a Salvation Army truck with the leftovers. You have my sympathy!

  2. Thank you, Linda. I figure all we need now is a snowstorm and I'll really be ready to jump! Thank goodness there aren't any available bridges nearby :)

  3. i hope the move is over by now ^^
    thanks for the book again!

  4. Awesome!!! Thanks so much for the book. I can't wait to read it.

    TOooooo funny. I wasn't able to comment or reply right away because we are in the middle of a move. Talk about tiring. :)

    We hope to have the last of the inside stuff moved tomorrow and sleep in the new place (just moving across town). Then we have the week (after work) to move the rest and close on the house. Woohoo! In this economy, selling a house is a miracle. It only took us 11 months. ;)

    Have a terrific week.


  5. Thanks, Yto and Tami! I hope you both enjoy the read. Please feel free to drop back and give us your feedback. Tami - well, you know I can relate! I'm wiped out from the move. We're about at the same juncture as you. Best to you in your mew home!!

  6. Oh good grief! Seems I misplaced my reading glasses. They are in one of these boxes...That should be "NEW" home. See? Told ya I'm wiped :) Good luck once again!