Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Turtle Can't be a Turkey - A Thanksgiving Story

Theodore was a very disgruntled turtle. Not all of the time, mind you. But lately, it seemed, he'd begun to feel, well, unimportant, in the scheme of things. The thrill over those Ninja Turtles had pretty much died down and now nobody really paid any attention to turtles as a group and Theodore in particular. So with Thanksgiving only a week away, he concocted a plan to pretend to be a turkey, since those guys got ALL the attention.(Theodore had no idea why folks kicked up such a fuss anyway since turkeys were the planets dumbest animals.)
His best turtle friend, Thelma, told him to, "Just chill, Theo." Yet Theodore didn't listen. He went out and plucked a bunch of feathers from a nearby nest and glued them to his backside (ouch) and tried his best to walk on just his hind legs, (not an easy task at all) in hopes that someone would think he was a turkey and bring him home for the holiday.
Three days went by and most folks just gave Theodore a strange look, or suggested therapy, but nobody bought him. Huh. He was more perplexed and peeved now than ever. When Thanksgiving eve came and he was still homeless, Theodore tore the feathers off his butt (#*!!*) and nursed his wounds glumly. Thelma sat down beside him. "Theo, you can't be a turkey if you were born a turtle. You have to be who you really are. And besides, don't you know what happens to those guys on Thanksgiving?"
Theodore shook his head. Thelma leaned in and whispered in his ear. Theodore gulped and nearly toppled over.
And so it was that Theodore began to embrace his turtlehood. It was then he decided to strive to become the next big thing in Turtle Cinema. He figured if those Ninjas could do it, why couldn't he? Oh, and he finally got up the courage to ask Thelma for a date with a not-so-smooth segue,
"Your shell or mine?"
Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)


  1. What a sweet message, Louise :) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! And be sure to eat lots of turkey!

  2. Thanks, Carrie! And a happy, blessed holiday to you and your lovely family, too!