Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs...

We are inches from the big move now. So close I can taste it. Today I found some old boxes of baby clothes from my now-grown cuddly gangstas.
Nope- I won't cry.
Even with the teeniest onesies that belonged to my boy-child, who now towers over me.
Nope - I won't do it.
Even with the handmade Valentine my daughter made me in Kindergarten. It says, "Mom, your the bast."
Nope- I really won't.
And the photos I unearthed of our first dog, Pookie.(Was that even in this lifetime?)
Really, really no crying.
And my high school year book. "Dear Louise, Well we made it. We won't ever 4get that night at the park with you-know-who and me with Greg (gross!)Have a great summer!" What night? What park? Was that in this lifetime?
I'm dry-eyed, I swear it.
And the photo albums with pics of all the places I've called home before we were here, in this house for 17 oh-so-quick years.
(Sigh) Oh why didn't I just let sleeping dogs lie? Let bygones be gone? Leave the past in the past?
Ugh - I really hate crying.
That's the thing about moving. You clean out, you toss out, you realize it's a short distance from one end of this life to the other.
Enjoy the puppyhood while you can, folks. Hold your memories dear.
Then let go. Move along.

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