Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Release - Petit Fleurs & Vignettes are Live!!

I'm thrilled to bring you my short story collection, via Immortal Ink Publishing and available RIGHT NOW on AMAZON exclusively! These companion books are JUST .99 cents each and are perfect for those times when reading time is of the essence. With eight small though mighty tales in each volume (and bonus material included, too) these books will introduce you to people and places you won't soon forget. Like Ileana, a young prima ballerina from South Africa, trying to find her true calling among the crowded stages of New York City. And Mia whose chance encounter with a striking stranger unearths a family secret and two broken hearts. You will meet loyal pets like Finn MacFee, who is sure to touch your soul. And in time for the holiday season, you will come to know Jessica, a waitress and single mother in Barstow, California whose one wish is for her young son to hear her say "I love you." These are just a few of the many interesting characters that come to life within these pages.

Here are the purchase links: and

Check out this early review from one of our ARC readers:

I hope you will give these books a try and let me know which story you enjoyed most of all!

HAPPY READING, friends!!


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