Saturday, November 29, 2014

#FREE eBook for your #BlackFriday Weekend Fun

FREE. Such a cool word, isn't it? Grabs my attention every time. And now, we are offering my short story book, PETIT FLEURS, for #FREE during this hectic holiday weekend. This special deal is to say thank you to all those wonderful people out there who have shared their reading hours with me and my stories. Yes, it's all about gratitude and giving back.

Let's face it...the holidays can be tough. You've cooked for a crowd. You've eaten and eaten some  more. You've shopped and saved. Perhaps you've even decked the halls.

NOW it's time for you to be pampered for all you do! A little R & R x 4. Rest, relaxation, reading, and reward!

Whether you're familiar with my work or you've never had the pleasure, here is your chance to own a tender collection of heartfelt tales sure to touch your heart. And my hope is that you will enjoy it enough to consider reading the companion - Vignettes Or perhaps, The Making of Nebraska Brown.

Grab your FREE eBook today. Reviews are graciously appreciated.


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