Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Magic and Monsters and Lies, Oh My

I know, I know. It's been quiet around here lately. But there's good reason. We are now only WEEKS away from the release of THE MAKING OF NEBRASKA BROWN. This is a beautifully- magical time. Not. In fact it's quite the opposite. It's nothing short of torture time. Far be it for me to dispel any pre-conceived notions of the glamorous writing life without fair warning. For those of you who wish to remain blissfully ignorant, please change the blog-channel. I am here to divulge a writer's closely-guarded secrets. Kind of like this guy:
Except without all the illusions.
In fact, for the purposes of this post it might be best if I use photo props. SO...here we are with the book release imminent. You might think I'm relishing in the sunny, sandy pre-release glory.

However, in reality I am right about here:

(Yes, and Toto, too.) You may be under the assumption I am calmly and coolly planning the upcoming days with the greatest of ease. Making those last-minute edits while maintaining a silky-smooth veneer (like this chick):

Yet, this looks a bit closer to the truth (hey dude, I feel your pain):

With the clock ticking, I am at odds with the Goober-Monsters who sneak into those perfectly-revised manuscripts when said authors are sleeping, and wreak havoc upon the most innocent and carefully-set of pages.
Aforementioned Goober-Monster:
What's that you say? He looks relatively harmless. Sorta cute? Ha! In droves these bad-boys are pure evil; chewing through punctuation marks and tossing extra letters around willy-nilly. If you see one in the light of day - run!
Anyway, with any luck, soon enough the battle of Good versus Goober will be over and we will have something pretty to show for ourselves:

Actually, it will look more like THIS:

 GET READY PEOPLE! On or around FEBRUARY 6th, 2014!

And now the obligatory Dance of Joy:



  1. Read the synopsis for The Making of Nebraska Brown on your website, sounds wonderful. Good luck with the release, n x

  2. I can only imagine! Thanks for your honestly. I know all your hard work is going to pay off. I can't wait to get my copy! Congratulations!

  3. You're almost there, Louise! Keep your head down & that finish line will appear before you know it. The excitement is building!