Saturday, December 21, 2013

Time to Rewind - The Christmas March

There's a place in my mind I visit every year right about now. It's a pine-scented, crisp white scene. Music is always playing and somebody is always laughing. It's warm. Cozy. And a girl is there. She's already too old to believe in jolly men in red and flying reindeer. However, she's still young enough to savor a secret anticipation for what Christmas will bring her. A doll that feels just like a real baby. This girl has always had a thing for dolls and she knows that soon enough the dolls will end. The scene will change. But, the girl in my mind thinks that these changes are light years away. And in some respects they are. She is still on good terms with Time. They're friendly. She's growing into the years, and the years into her. Kindly. Gently. She collects sweet holiday memories and tucks them beside the other moments of her life she prefers to recall at will. This girl is already beyond the impatient whims of little children who wish away the days with their frantic pleas to hurry things along. Yet she does wonder why Time sometimes moves so slowly.

Before long this girl has amassed an impressive collection. Scenes that now include real babies who feel like dolls. Aromas of holiday feasts shared with the family type. The lightness of being when lightness is a gift in and of itself.
Time still respects her space, though it hints at a certain surliness. At the inevitability that it will bear down sooner rather than later. There's no way to heed the warning except to try and slow the pace, stamp the scenes with brightly-colored ink that won't fade. Is there such a thing?

These days the girl is known as a woman. She hasn't the luxury of pretending away Time. She's grown too learned of its willful ways. She's watched many scenes come and go - too many to ignore what they've meant on a larger scale. How each precious one has attached itself to a moment that Time has taken along with it in a sudden heated rush. She wonders what the big hurry is all about.

Today I lit a candle. Pine-scented. I closed my eyes and hit rewind. I found that young girl in my mind again. If only for a few minutes, we reminisced. Handmade tree-toppers and popsicle ornaments. Snowball fights and hot chocolate chasers. Wishes and wonders.
I shrugged off the years around my shoulders and danced with the memories. Quickly, before the music stopped playing.

It'll all be here and gone in a flash. Christmas and it's goodness. Take from it what you'll want to keep for later. Time maintains a steady march forward. Tuck your scenes away for safe keeping. Experience and enjoy the splendor.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and blessed holiday season.


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