Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's a Banner Day for AKA

AKA Literary Agency is partying hard this week. Just yesterday our own Johnny Knew's very first book was released. This beautiful and smart children's book is entitled, "The Tree With No Branches." This from the publisher: "The tree with no branches may be different than all the other trees in the forest but it has some 
unique qualities and a very special purpose. Brilliantly crafted by author Johnny Knew and wonderfully 
illustrated by K. Von Ward, nature-loving children learn about the joy in accepting others different than 
themselves and that standing up to a bully is the right thing to do."
If you haven't dropped by Johnny's site, Knewville, by all means do so, and bring the youngsters along for the ride. I guarantee a good time for all!
Visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble or wherever you usually go to purchase your favorite reads and pick up your copy. And remember...you don't have to be a kid to appreciate the important messages and lyrical prose in this book. It's one size fits all! If you aren't sure, check out this preview: http://knewville.com/twnb/

Ya see? You're smiling aren't you? I won't say I told you so....but I did ;)

AKA Literary is such an amazing group of writers. I am so very fortunate to have found a home there. It isn't often you combine strangers from all over the world, people whose only common bond is their love of books and their desire to be published, and have them forge the solid family-type foundation that exists within our team. We are all so incredibly proud of Johnny and wish him sales o' plenty.

Congrats to our agent and leaders, Terrie Wolf, Neil Erickson and each and every one of us!

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