Saturday, September 8, 2012


My dear Hooksters - the times they are a'changin'. Is this a good thing? Some folks hate change. They balk, they slink, they shimmy, scamper and slide to avoid it. But guess what? It's gonna find you. Like it or not. As for me, I've grown accustomed to time bringing its changes to my life. I've learned it's best to roll, bend, smile and sway - it's going to happen anyway. Some changes that come along are self-inflicted. For example, our kitchen reno project is finally, FINALLY about to begin. Did I say finally? It's going to be out with the old and drab and in with the everything but. I hope...However, this is not the piece de resistance of the newness. Oh, no - not by a country mile...

 This week I officially joined the agenting team of AKA Literary - the beloved home of the two books I've written since WISHLESS - in the capacity of Associate Agent in Training.  (FYI, these other novels are currently awaiting their turn at bat. If the Muse Gods of Publishing choose to shine on me, then you shall one day find these stories available for purchase in your fave book emporium, as written under the pseudonym Caya Laine. Fingers crossed - oh heck, cross those toes, too, people!)

The amazing TERRIE WOLF, my agent extraordinaire, has seen fit to include me among her office cohorts. I'm honored and deeply moved by her trust and faith in my ability to somehow make a difference. The way I see it, this comes down to passion. It's the unflinching, searing adoration of the craft of writing, the process of taking some 80,00 words - give or take, fashioning them into a cohesive and interesting story and then wrangling that same story into the hands of a few million readers. Cake, right? Day at the beach? Not so much. It takes a village to raise a book baby. In many cases it takes the concerted efforts of an agent and her teammates to bring a writers goals of glory to fruition. Some authors choose to go it alone. Brave lot, they are. But many others will make the choice to put their dreams in an agent's hands. And the thing of it is - she only has two - on her best day.

So here I am, with two additional appendages at the ready. With the very best of intentions. With an eagerness and drive the likes of a fresh batch of dough, just hankering to rise to the occasion. I am blessed by this opportunity. I hope I will not disappoint.

Should you feel so inclined, follow me at my newest Twitter account  You can also find me at (which was formerly @lcwritten.)

And now it's time to stand and face the ch-ch-changes. Not strange. Just one helluva good thing.


  1. You give me hope for a better tomorrow!!

  2. So excited about your new position! It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

  3. Thank you Crystal and Dale. You ladies are just way too kind!! :)

  4. So excited for you, Louise!!! Wonderful adventures ahead! I can't wait for you to read my stuff :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!