Saturday, August 18, 2012

Literary Kismet

I've fallen and I can't get up. Okay, not literally. I'm referring to that trance us reader-folks go under when we meet that ONE book that keeps us up salivating way past our bedtime - ultimately leading to a rather groggy, boggy morning. On second thought, perhaps it IS literal after all. There's no secret to the fact that I split my free time between writing and reading. Scribble, scribble, scrawl or more like - type, type,edit,  type, type, edit then page, page, page. Something along those lines. The "Time Spent" pie chart isn't all that evenly divided I'm afraid. Yet, I strive to have my nose in a book at some point every day. Okay now here's where I get really real.

I do not ADORE everything I read.

Shocker, I know.

Yet nine out of ten times I will finish a book that I am less than enthusiastic about out of morbid curiosity. Out of respect for the author. Out of a long-placed, well-ingrained Catholic school  upbringing that taught me to see things through to completion. But there's a difference, isn't there?
There's a uniqueness, a zest, a snap in your step when you are reading something you're positively over the top, off-the-charts excited about as opposed to something that for you is just okay. This is what makes me think that finding your bookmate is a lot like finding that all elusive soulmate. (Do you despise that word or is it me?) We fumble through the likes of B & N, or electronically through the virtual shelves at Amazon until we come across something we think looks interesting, well-dressed, smells nice. After some serious consternation we make a purchase. Perhaps we check the reviews, fully cognizant of the notion that taste is subjective. Maybe we meet our next read at the urgency of a dear friend with the best of intentions. A set-up as it were. A blind date. (Do you despise those things or is it me?) Need I elaborate on the typical end result? A decent meal, a halfway decent conversation, a peck on the cheek, a mock "I'll call you again." A love connection? Not so much.

Although once in that crazy, Azure-colored moon, you strike pay dirt. You discover the story that reaches inside and tips the scales of your soul. And you are helpless, robotic. You  are glued to your chair, sunk in and hunkered down for the long haul. You are reading while simultaneously preparing a four-course meal. Because you absolutely HAVE TO. It's literary kismet.

This is why we bibliophiles exist. This is our nirvana. (Do you love that word or is it me?)
PS _ Congrats to Sheila and Zoe on winning their eCopies of WISHLESS. May it be love at fist sight, ladies.


  1. I like the combo of bibliophile nirvana becacuse that's where I am when I start a book that I know I won't stop reading until something forces me away from it. I used to force myself through books tht I didn't like just to finish it and see if there was anything redeming. But now, I only read the ones that make the rest of my world disappeat. Does that make me a bibliophile or a snob? lol

  2. I dislike the word soulmate too and I write romances! But I totally understand about that book that you just have to finish. Those are not great for a working schedule! But oh so fun to read! Oh and when there is a book I am not loving I will cheat and skip to the end just to see how it ends!

  3. I love reading what you write on your blog. You remind me of Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex & the City, except the sleeping around with Mr. Big. LOL, you're the best!!xoxoxox

  4. Wonderful, lively, passionate blog ... I know what you mean when you find a book that you simply can't put down. I've had one-eared conversations with my husband, agreeing to god-knows-what whilst reading a fantastalistic (I love that word!) book. Splendicous blog ... n x

  5. Thanks for being here, Ngaire, Crystal and Krista! I appreciate your kind comments :)

  6. Oh, to find that one book that keeps you up all night. The one that connects with you, that seemed to be written just for you...those are rare but when it happens, you always have a friend you can tote around wherever you go.