Thursday, June 7, 2012

Writer's Wings

Just this week the wonderful world of writers lost another of its brethren. Ray Bradbury, the famous sci-fi, horror and mystery novelist left us at the ripe age of 91. It made me wonder if there's a special spot in heaven for those folks who spend their allotted time here on earth in search of the elusive Perfect Sentence. I have to  presume there must be. After all, there just has to be some sort of Writers Nirvana, an eternal payoff for those of us who toil and trouble our lives away in the treacherous business of words. If so, then what does Writer's Heaven look like?

I imagine in Writer's Heaven every desk has an inspirational view. If its the ocean that gets your creative juices flowing, then it's the ocean you will have. If it's green, open spaces, you'll have that too. In Writer's Heaven there is no shortage of pens or paper and the laptops never need to be plugged in - the batteries are everlasting. The clouds in Writer's Heaven not only have a silver lining, but they are encased in books, hundreds and hundreds of them, in your genre of choice. There are Quote Rainbows with the very best things ever recorded on paper etched into the colors. You can write for as long as your heart desires in Writer's Heaven without wasting precious time with such mundane mortal things as eating, sleeping and using the bathroom. (You're an Author Angel, remember?...Wings and all that jazz...)

Author Angels don't write for six-figure publishing deals. They write for the joy of it. They write because it's what they were born to do and somehow they always knew it would stay with them even after they traveled to that great typewriter in the sky.

Rest peacefully, Mr. Bradbury. And to all those wordsmiths who have gone before him. Write on. Guess I'll see ya on the flip side.

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