Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You've Got Mail

Am I the only one here who remembers that voice, the man from the computer who informed us that someone, somewhere wrote us a letter? It was always nice to know that we had mail, wasn't it? Something inside said, "Yup, you matter" and that was pretty cool. Since the release of WISHLESS last August, I've received only a handful of what you might call "fan" mail. Yet each note was special to me, if for no other reason than those kind strangers were good enough to say they don't think I suck. Well, that's a relief :)

One person said she'd never heard of me, thought she'd take a shot on a new author and that she was "so, so glad" she had.

Another reader wrote, "I read your book and was delighted. I wanted to tell you that I got it - all the messages between the lines. I got it. My favorite reads are those that are more than meets the eye."

I'm constantly pleased to hear that my target audience is broader than I'd imagined it would be. That not only teens and young adults are trying it on for size, that its more like a one size fits most. That really puts the miles in my smiles.

I urge you to take a moment and drop a line to that author whose book you may have just finished and loved. We appreciate reviews and feedback of all kinds. (Well, not ALL kinds, but you get the point ;)

Which brings to mind my favorite piece of mail to date. Sent from a male reader who wrote: "I am reading your book at the end of each day and it's really good. I finally have something interesting to do in bed."

I quickly replied, "thank you and...well, I'm sorry."

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