Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Green Eggs and Spam (where are the winners??)

I'm searching high. I'm searching low. Where did all the winners go? Looking left and looking right. Looking long into the night. Oh, what's a blogging girl to do? Kick a rock and break my shoe? There's no sense in being blue. Winners, winners we have two!

Congrats to Jeanette and Linda! They've each been sent their WISHLESS e-Book. 

Okay, obviously I'm no Dr. S.This month we celebrated the 108th birthday of dear Mr. Geisel. If you struggle to appreciate the genius behind "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" perhaps this quote is more to your liking:
I'm told that Dr. Seuss's first manuscript was rejected by publishers 27 times before being picked up by Van Guard Press. Rejection is something every writer is intimately acquainted with - as much an unavoidable part of our lives as taxes and death. And it never gets any easier, really. The only good thing about hearing NO is that it makes the YES that much sweeter.

I'm waiting for my next yes. And you lovely folks will be the first to know about it when it happens. Until then, please stay close. Our next contest is only a stone's throw from now. Until then I'll do my best to entertain you. And I promise, no more horrible rhymes, k?

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