Thursday, February 23, 2012

Name Your Poison & Our Latest Winner

Bathing suit season is just around the bend. (Oh those fitting room fiascoes. Been there, done that.) Well, this evening I'm doing some shopping, but not for the latest and greatest in swimwear. A recent discussion on author names prompts me to slip into something that suggests NY Times bestselling writer. I'm trying monikers on for size, checking the fit for those icky bumps and unsightly bulges. Not that I think there's anything wrong with my given name but there's no harm in tweaking, editing, taking some dramatic license with what I so commonly refer to as "me."
Is there?
Here's what I have thus far:

Paige Bookman
Lin Spired
Lin Finiti
(I may be watching too many Knicks games)
Ida Wrighter

Granted, these are just a rough draft. Perhaps a one piece number might be better suited. Something
Cher or Madonna-ish. I'll have to sleep on it. After all Rome wasn't named in a day. I'm open to suggestions...

But - I digress. The purpose of my post is actually to name the winner of our Random Acts of Kindness giveaway. Congrats to Sarah who had been sent an e-Book copy of WISHLESS! You guys know I'm not going to quit giving my books away until each and every one of you is a winner, so please stay close by.

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