Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Like I'll Be Seein' Ya

I'm not a fan of goodbyes. It's no wonder then that I'd been putting this one off for so long. Even putting off addressing this particular subject. Avoidance thy name is Me. But for the sake of closure I'll brave the waters.
We are officially no longer the owners of the house we lived in for a great part of our lives. I went to visit, a couple days ago, about 24 hours pre-closing. It was an eerie shell of a sight. All undressed and barren. Like a carcass lying helpless in the roadway. I didn't stay for very long. Didn't really wish it well. I wanted to. Truth be told it was just too difficult. So I'll do it now. The shock has sort of worn off (a little) and it's the least thing I could do.
Dear 347:
The time has come for us to part ways. It's sadder and harder than I ever thought it would be. You've been a loyal comrade through the years, though we never really said so. We resided within you, often thanklessly. We called you a dozen different names but most often you were known as "home." You took a lickin' and kept on tickin' - like a Timex made of brick and mortar. We dressed you up in colors to suit our changing mood. We slammed your doors, nicked your walls, though really we meant no harm. We always knew that when it was cold and wet you'd keep us warm and dry. We grew into and out of ourselves beneath your rafters. We sang  a whole slew of happy birthdays and lit a bunch of merry Christmas trees behind your modest facade.
Yet, life is about change. You understand, don't you? I know you'll be very happy with your new family. And we'll keep our memories of you forever.
Damn, I suck at goodbyes. So instead..."I'll be seein' ya" sounds like a better option. Just know this:
You will always be Home to me. 

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