Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Big Teeth You Have

It's June. You know what that means. Graduates stuff themselves into their caps and (wrinkled) gowns. Moms stock the freezer with ice pops and compile lists of things to do all summer to keep the kids from killing one another entertained. For many its a time of the infamous Family Vacation - those special days meant for bonding with the ones we hold near and dear. Ours is coming up in less than a month. We are heading down to the shore. What's that you say? White sandy beaches, clapping waves, smell of coconut sunscreen. Naturally.
And don't forget the sh-sh-sh- shARK.
 It's all Peter's fault. Peter Benchley, the writer whose novel created such a panic when it arrived on the silver screen with the likes of Jaws. Don't tell me you can't hear that menacing music the second somebody mentions the name.
I'm a land lover my friends. More so ever since that Great White with a Vengeance. I'll admit my fear is largely unfounded, centered around the distinct possibility of one of those massive man-eating maniacs showing up in such places as the bay, the bathtub, the baby pool. (Hey it could happen.) While the majority of our group is planning to participate in various death-defying feats including jet-skiing, para-sailing and otherwise frolicking in the ocean, I'll take my chances on dry land - thank you very much.
Is it true that sometimes sharks can tunnel up from under the sand? Don't answer that.

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