Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pete and Repeat in Editland

Yes, I've gone missing recently. Wish I could say I've been backpacking through Europe, sailing the Caribbean sea while working on my tan, or running loose and wild in Mickey's hood. Fact of the matter is I'm holed up in a neat little place called Editland, hanging with my pals Pete and Repeat. These guys are the uber-funsters, rummaging through a perfectly content 70,000 word manuscript and wreaking havoc.
I speak of those pesky words, applied over-frequently, here, there and everywhere. They're like too much salt in the soup pot - ruins the broth.
Writing requires the use of a steady supply of fresh stock, brand new ways of saying the same old thing. It also demands you watch for falling ands, buts, hes, shes and thats.
Under the wise and watchful eye of my ever-patient Editor, I am very busy beating this bad boy into respectable shape. Banning Pete and Repeat from the likes of my world forever. Hopefully.
So writers, raise your hand if you despise finding these two characters idling within your pages.
And now, I'm told I need to take a mudslide, a deep breath and get back to work.
Editland awaits. Pass the sunscreen.

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