AKA Author Spotlight on: Krista Krueger

Still  by Krista Krueger
Black, satin pillows that cushion my face
Time is distorted, I feel out of place
Large, strong hands that somehow are tender
Although it's wrong I give in and surrender
Goblets of red wine and roses
And the only thing he says he knows is,
He wishes he could love me
Even if I'm nothing I should be
The fire's so warm but inside I'm cold
I feel like a baby and I feel like I'm old
I wonder where my tears are from
As I take another shot and hope to feel numb
But I never do
It's all in what you're used to
And what you know is real
And I don't trust what I feel
And I'll walk to that door
But I'll never leave
'Cause I know I can't and I still believe
That I love you

Darkened Goddess by Krista Krueger
A sweeping black veil that covers her face
And sways on the breeze with an angelic grace
Hiding the look in her firestorm eyes
Covering lips that tremble when she cries
Beautiful hair when it's tangled in leaves
She's every answer to every mystery
Flowing black gown that dusts the floor
The key to her heart is the keys to all doors
Sweet, like nectar, when she's tasted
She can be seen but a touch is wasted
She will not notice and she will not feel
Because she learned in her world those things are not real
So take her hand and follow her to that land
Where she's a goddess among angels and you'll understand
That she's life and death and embodied love
She's whom you cry for but that's not enough
By then she's marble, ice and stone
And the solitude you know becomes your own
And you'll be able to accept this at the least
For your heart will know her beauty while your soul knows her peace


  1. Beautiful poems, Krista! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. Beautiful poems full of imagery! Loved them! :)

  3. Lovey poems, Krista! Thanks for sharing. You're inspiring me to send in some of mine!