Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sizzling Summer Sale!

It's my absolute favorite season by far. SUMMER is here! I just love the accoutrements of these warm and frothy months, the way they engage my senses: the sight of that sun-drenched sky - lit long into the evenings, the smell of coconut body lotion, fresh cut grass and barbeque grills, the sound of swinging sprinklers, splashing swimming pools and racing ocean waves, the feel of sandy flip-flops and cool cotton clothing against my skin and the taste of that Italian lemon ice - the kind you scrape with a small wooden spoon.

There's a magical return-to-youth wrapped up in the summer. Life-like memories of a day when time seemed suspended and frozen in place. Motion was all about running bases and flashlight tag, or the rocking of a hammock under the weight of our growing bodies. That was where I did most of my outdoor reading - slung in the braided netting hovering over our lawn. Where the breeze turned the pages and I did little else but follow the words. It was an hour-less freedom.The calendar went missing - at least until that first dreaded back-to-school commercial.  (Ugh - lol!)

So, what better way to pay homage to this - the season of my heart - then by holding a sizzling summer sale to entice ya'll to pick a shady spot and get some reading in!

For this weekend only you can grab your e-copy of THE MAKING OF NEBRASKA BROWN for just .99 cents! Check it out right here:

Hope you will take advantage of this special price and be sure to let me know what you think after you've read! And remember to tan safely...

Peace out, friends!


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  1. Awesome price for a wonderful book that will give you many hours of joy. Loved this one!