Thursday, January 10, 2013

And So It Goes- And So They Go

From the very beginning we're told it'll be about twenty years - give or take. Two decades to raise a baby and keep her as your own. From the start we are well aware that no child is an appendage, connected to us by tissue and nerve, ligament and bone, so if severed it would cause considerable pain. We are well aware of our parental lot in life:  provide roots and wings. It is only the first part that comes relatively easy.

Yes, my oldest offspring is venturing out into the world. It isn't that I haven't seen the signs. When you bring up a child whose independence seems to be stamped indelibly on her soul, you expect such movement. When she's little you braid her hair and fill her lunchbox and you whisper,"It's okay with me if you stay like this forever."

But you know she can't hear you, and you know she won't stay even if she could.

So it comes as no surprise that here we stand, she and I, lunchboxes having been traded for moving boxes, wings being unfurled and readied for flight.
Though I am able-bodied - most parts intact and none the worse for wear - it surely feels a little like I'm letting go of my right arm or perhaps, a chamber of my heart. And it hurts a little more than a little.

And so it goes.


  1. What an adorable picture! I know this is a huge step in your lives, but exciting at the same time.
    I hope the best for all of you.

  2. Many thanks, Dale. She will always be that cute little girl in my eyes. But they grow up fast. Too fast!

  3. And so it goes, but know that with it - and her - are a million lessons, thoughts, prayers and moments of "mom wisdom" you've instilled. She may not need it, acknowledge it or realize it but all of that's there protecting her, guiding her, loving her, embracing her. This mom knows you've done one heck of a job and I wish every child had just a taste of the love you've given your babies. It's not enough to say she'll be fine, but better that that, she'll be her. She's learned from the best.

  4. Beautifully said! Thank you for visiting, Terrie. I do appreciate your comments.