Thursday, October 11, 2012

Medium at Large

I spent this past Saturday night with HER- the flaxen-haired, crystal-heeled Medium a 'la Long Island. Together with about 3000 others, huddled in the NYCB Theatre (footnote - if you grew up on Long Island, and no, it isn't pronounced Lawn Guyland, this theatre will forever be known as the Westbury Music Fair) we witnessed Theresa Caputo ring up the spirit world - on speed dial to boot.

Now, I'm no Medium Virgin. This isn't the first time I've seen Ms. Caputo or other lesser-blinged psychics. And I've received my fair share of messages delivered from my relatives and friends who have passed. Yet, I've never heard from them in a crowd. It would seem that when faced with jockeying for position or standing in line for their turn to chat, my dearly departed are somewhat slow to the draw. So our L.I. Medium cruised stealthily through the aisles ("Oh! I stepped in gum!") with her spirits in tow and I waited. I wondered if anyone I know might drop by and say hello. Before I knew it, the event was over and I hadn't been "read."

Ms. Caputo says that you don't really need to consult a medium in order to converse with your loved ones on the other side. She says they are with us all the time - listening, watching, knowing. So with that in mind (and with Grandma a no-show at the show-show) I closed my eyes and opened my mind to the conversation.

"Gram? Are you there?"
"Yes," she said, "I'm always here."
"That's great! So you're okay. I'm guessing you've seen the kids. They're nearly grown."
"Yes," she said, again, "And they are very special."
"Gram, do you know I'm writing books  now?"
"I do! That's wonderful. I'm so proud. I told Loretta. She's always so busy bragging about her granddaughter, the rocket scientist."
"A friend."
"Wow," I said. "so you have friends up there? That's great. About my books...have you read them?"
There was a pause. "Well...dear, I've been meaning to, but I'm quite busy these days."
"Busy? With what?"
Grandma explained. "Chubby Checker is teaching a Twist class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and of course, there's my Mahjong club. We meet every Wednesday at three."
"Oh, I had absolutely no idea."
Grandma's voice got further away. "But I'm told these books of yours are good. Keep at it. One day you'll make yourself a living from them."
"I will? Do you really think so?...Gram?"
Silence. She was already gone. The question would remain trapped in the universe, somewhere out there. As yet unanswered. I wanted to wish her back. Tell her that I love her. That I miss her. That I wear her ring. That I think of her and the life we shared way back when. Ask her what color the sky is where she is. Ask her what heaven looks like, has she met God.
Is she an angel now?
Silly me.
I already know the answer to that last one.

Ms. Caputo is right. You don't really need a medium to speak to the ones you lost. You just need an open heart.

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