Saturday, April 14, 2012

Talkin' About my Generation

You know you're getting older when...wait, what was I saying? Okay, I jest. Being forgetful is only a small part of the aging thing. What I notice more is the tendency to reminisce about "way back when." Life seemed simpler. Suppose that's because it was. It doesn't matter what year you were born. Being a kid in general is easy-peazy-lemon-squeezy compared to the land of the adult. Eek! What a scary place that can be! Still...with the technology boom I can't help but wonder if the youth-of-current have it harder or easier than I did. When I was a little kid we didn't have the internet. Okay, there I said it. Wow, that makes me sound so ancient :) We played outside, such medieval games as: jump rope, hopscotch, kick ball, and things that required using more of our bodies than just our fingers or thumbs. We didn't have to worry about some anonymous chatroom perv. But we did have to learn how to operate a pogo stick without ending up with a chin full of stitches. I suppose danger is as danger does.

On the upside, the children of today seem smarter, older than their years. Yet, I can't help but wonder if that's really such a good thing. Couldn't we slow it down, if only for the time being? Believe me, life catches up really fast. Oh, there I go, sounding o-l-d again. Oh hell, not me! I'm going kicking and screaming. Like Peter Pan tempting Wendy. "Come with me," he said, "where you'll never, never have to worry about grown up things again."  But Wendy was right when she replied, "Never is an awfully long time."

Let's play while we can. And even while we can't. Let's always recall how it was to be a kid even if we aren't kids anymore. Hang with me here at the Hook and we'll have fun till we drop. And speaking of which, we have us another winner! Congrats to Emily for being chosen at random to receive a signed copy of WISHLESS. Don't forget there's lots of winning still to come. You are all sooo sweet and kind to be here. Hugs to each of you! Stay tuned. Stay young at heart.


  1. Well Stated and I totally agree with you Louise! Times have definitely changed. It's a techie world now. We still need to bring our Grandchildren back to the basics though..Playing at the park, baking, etc. Sort of like the Amish in Pennsylvania do.

    Great blog!

  2. Yes, Betty. It's important for all of us to stay grounded. I don't have grandkids yet, but when that day comes I'd love to take them to Lancaster, PA. to experience that culture. I took my own kids there a hundred times! Even still, just riding bikes and playing outdoors at the beach, etc. It's all good stuff. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. What a fantastic post! I think it is important for all of us to remember what it was like to be a kid. Like you, I spent most of my time outside palyine as a child. Kids today would probably love to have a little more unstructured time to just play. It really does help the imagination to grow. As much as I love the Internet and all of its capabilities- I am so happy it wasn't around when I was little because I got to climb trees, skateboard, ride my bike, and play games with the kids on my street. Thanks so much for posting... now I am thinking about the good old days. :)

    1. I'm with you, Jess. I love the internet too, but I think a kid has to be kid. I recall being little and going out to the middle of our yard, lifting my arms up and spinning until I got dizzy. Then I'd stop and think, "wow I can feel the world turning." The imagination needs lots of room to turn and grow. Thanks for your comment :)

  4. I remember spending entire summer days outside playing. Coming home ONLY for food and when forced by darkness. Being indoors was like a prison sentence. And I cannot remember ever being bored. Great article! Thanks for sharing...