Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Register This

Apparently while I was sleeping/working/playing and carrying on with the otherwise mundane business of life yet another trend was taking root.
The Registry.
Hang on, now I'm not from the stone age. Back when I got married we did not chisel our desires in bedrock. But it was not considered common practice to make any requests at all then. Pretty much, you got what you got. And you liked it or lumped it. (Or returned it, as was often the case.)
Now the bride-to-be, mother-to-be, or anything-to-be can politely make her wants and needs very particularly known.Get me one of THIS in pink, size small and a half. And two of THAT, in the oasis pattern. Thank you most kindly.
Sigh. I miss The Surprises. I remember the days when you opened a shiny package and had absolutely no clue what was inside. Wasn't that half the fun?
I can't help but wonder why it seems I can't be trusted to choose a gift all by myself. Am I that much of a bumbling idiot that picking out an alarm clock or a layette will leave me wandering the store in circles with drool running off my lip? (Don't answer that.)
So if this is the wave of the future - fine, I can roll like that. I'm compiling the writer's registry as we speak. Details to follow. What? I'm an author-to-be. Starting a trend. I know. It may take a few minutes to register this. No worries. I've got all day.

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