Sunday, February 13, 2011

Speaking Of Amazing

I recently lost a very dear friend of mine. He was too young to leave this earth; his departure sending a shock wave through a great many people who loved him like I did. So I've had "friend" on the brain this past week or two - thinking about those relationships we forge with others entirely by choice. Most times they seem to arrive via other means. This man and I were once related, though in the end our bond stood unsevered by broken marital ties; the friendship remaining graciously in tact.
It's a rare and glorious thing, to join forces with someone outside of yourself. Should you hail from Missouri and require more substantial proof, might I suggest you visit your local movie house and take in "The King's Speech." This is a brilliantly written and acted account of two men who form a mutually dependent and beautiful union of souls. Although, were I here to report as a critic, I would be obliged to inform that my significant other spent the 2 hours patiently waiting for a decent car chase or the mass destruction of a small alien nation, which did not happen. (An action flick this is not.) But I digress. I spent the 2 hours thinking about the way the universe has of bringing us the people we need to have in our lives. Then I was glad that somebody took the time to write it so eloquently that it be turned into a film.
And then I was reminded that we must hold close those who we cherish. For what's its worth - call them. Let them know. I'd been meaning to call. I was too late.
I've been told that my dear friend who resides in heaven now thought I was amazing. Funny.
That's exactly what I thought about him, too.

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