Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Dog Eat Dog Book World

They're calling it the "dogoir." It's the latest craze to hit the publishing circuit. Books "written" by dogs. They'e actually making the bestseller list. I can't say I'm the least bit disturbed by this phenomena. As you may have concluded by now, I'm a huge fan of our four-legged friends. Stories like the one about that rascal Marley and the one about the dog who became attached to a Marine who then got deployed and the mutt traveled for days and days until he found the man in the middle of the desert.
I can't get enough of those tales about how dogs have been the ones to save their owners from some seizure that was likely to have taken their life.
Okay so then what?
I love my dear little pup. But she hasn't really given me much in the way of a fresh plot. Now, I could stretch the truth; make up some little ditty about how my prized pet can answer the phone or push the vacuum or something equally noteworthy. But to be honest she hasn't barked out a snappy holiday tune. She can't manage to hold a pen in her paws or manipulate a keyboard.
(She plays a mean game of soccer though.)
I will simply say that having her in my life has made the whole thing bearable. Brighter. Sweeter, kinder.
And I promised myself I wouldn't get all gooey. Doggone it.