Friday, August 6, 2010

Write, Love, Play (in that order)

Later this month the movie premiere of Elizabeth Gilbert's novel "Eat, Pray, Love" will hit the big screen. Fans of this tale as well as fans of Julia Roberts will no doubt flock to the theater in droves to pay homage to their cause.
Okay - I'll fess up. Haven't read it yet. Not for lack of interest so much as lack of time. My book shelf is overflowing with current reads, next-on-deck reads and those I really want to get to but wonder when/how I'll manage to find the hours. Anyway if the reviews are to be believed, Ms. Gilbert has a hit on her hands. The latest news reports that some readers have taken to physically duplicating the excursions that transpire over the course of the book, specifically treks to Italy, India and Indonesia.
As a writer, I'm impressed. What does it say about your skills as an author when people enjoy your work to such a dramatic extent? To me, it says, "Girl keep writing. Find an audience and do not let them down."
Since the moment I became obsessed (possessed?) with the novels inside of me, I have had to readjust my priorities. Writing HAD to take top billing. Not mandatory. Not a hard and fast rule as much as a natural course of things. It's how you know you're hooked (no pun or reference to blog name intended.) When you're desire outweighs the little things like, oh I don't know - eating, sleeping...stuff like that.
Congrats to Ms. Gilbert on her success. But I digress. I have work-in-progress to edit. And many, many books to read.

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