Saturday, May 22, 2010

Disarm the Devil...yeah, but

So it would seem that somebody out there is interested in publishing my book! L & L Dreamspell Publishers has offered me a contract. I know. I'm fairly certain there's been a mistake. Still, I've been told that if all goes according to plan, my first (really second) novel will be released about 12 months from now. Things in my mind have suddenly shifted from "I wonder if/when" to "What could go wrong now?" It's the curse of the ever-anxious. Good news is only as good as your ability to ignore the little devil perched on your left shoulder. You know the guy. He's the one there to remind you not to count your chickens before they hatch. He's the one that says "Yeah, BUT..." to every positive thought you dare entertain. I.E.:

I will finally see my manuscript evolve into something I can hold in my hands!
Yeah BUT, so will everyone else. What if people hate it?

One year will go by fast. Before I know it I will be a published author.
Yeah BUT that's assuming the publisher doesn't disband/change their mind/anything bad that equals squashing the whole deal.

For anyone, if there's anyone at all beside me keeping track...this has been a long time coming. The goal now is to disarm the devil. They say it's not the destination so much as it's the journey. Getting there has to be part of the experience, part of the fun. Yeah, but I'm so damn impatient, nervous, READY. Or not.

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