Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Boloney Hero

Danger Will Robinson. Okay, you've been warned. I'm in a feisty, who-gives-a-damn mood delivered by way of my 40ish year-old hormonal flux.
Hero - One who displays great courage and self-sacrifice in the face of danger or adversity.
The Talmud says - A hero is he who conquers his urges.
There are great men out there. My Dad is one. My significant other is another. Men of honor. Men with a heart, a soul, a conscious. Men of value. Men worthy or praise, applause, adulation.
Philandering golf pros do not good heroes make.
People hold your cheers. Keep your hands clasped in prayer. Ask the powers that be for sense in a world where a selfish, heartless man can ration away his numerous transgressions by explaining that he is "addicted."
Give. Me. A. Break.
Teach our young men, our little boys that their bad behavior will not earn them any kudos.
Forgiveness can only be given once restitution is met. Three under par does not equal restitution.
I miss the days when there was an illusion of value. Even if it was just smoke and mirrors. I liked the reflection.
We must choose our hero's with care. We owe it to ourselves to hold out for honesty, for apologies
offered with sincerity, grace and humility.
And now, I'll trade my soap box for a nine iron and swing away.

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