Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slippery When Wet

For years (& I mean years) now I have started my mornings with a shower. I have been known to "jump in," "hop in," and all things careless and confident believing there's no way I'd ever slip. Yeah, right.
So on Friday, during my usual ritualistic a.m. jaunt for cleanliness, I stepped onto the bath mat only to have my both feet fly out from under me. It was a great fall, a backwards flop. Humpty Dumpty would have been proud as punch.
Now two days later it feels kind of like I've been run over by a very large, very angry Mack truck. My bruised spine, stiff neck and sore muscles remind me how fortunate I was to escape with just those minor injuries.
My goal today is to issue a public service announcement to all those individuals who typically approach their bathrooms with reckless abandon. It is a simple warning:
That place is slippery when wet!
Please, people - wash. But when you do remember one little word. Traction.

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  1. I enjoy what youve got right here, adore what youre stating and the way you say it.