Monday, November 16, 2009

The New R & R

It wasn't all that long ago when it meant rest and relaxation. Two words that conjure up images of 400 thread count cotton sheets, lazy Sunday mornings, maybe even a long-awaited, highly anticipated vacation out of town. That was then; peacefully, oblivious then.
R & R has a different meaning now. In fact, it has several:
request and review - this is a good one. Somebody, some elusive somebody thinks that perhaps you've created something worth a second look. Well, okay then. Now you're talkin'.
Or, it could also stand for -
revise and resubmit - also not a bad one. Not as great as the initial request since it signals the commencement of the roll-up-your-sleeve changes and more second guessing, followed by serious nail-biting. Overall, however, still not a bad thing since potential lingers and hope still floats. For now.
Which brings me to the dreaded -
read and rejected - Simply and by far my least favorite of the r & r's. Very little explanation needed here. It is precisely what it is. No thank you. Move along. Do not pass go. Have you ever considered a career in yodeling?
Lately I've had a run on requests. My cup runneth over. And yet, there's this unwavering dark, gloomy patch of land, at the far southeast corner of my soul that taunts - You still don't have the ultimate R - the offer of Representation. For this I stumble on, collect my r's and grab a nap when I can, on 400 thread count cotton sheets.

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