Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Loyal Heart

I remember it like it was yesterday. Creative Writing 101. I was eager to learn...bright-eyed, bushy-tailed; the Energizer bunny on steroids. We were a motley crew, assembled in desks meant for more youthful bodies, strewn together in the same way a homemade quilt is created - swatches of colors, shapes, sizes; mismatched and uneven. Yet our goals were so close they were nearly indistinguishable one from the next. Our first assignment was two questions long. Why do you want to write? And what are you going to say? Answer must be 100 words or less. Just last night I found my homework. That one. It went like this :

I want to write a perfect story about an imperfect world.

I want to write about the way I believe things ought to be because it can be a welcome escape from the way things really are.

I want to write about ordinary people with ordinary lives who discover themselves to be extraordinary when given the chance.

Most of all I want to write to breathe easier, expose a truth, bond with another human soul, and deliver a dream to the light of reality because these things make me who I am.

That was well over five years ago. And yet, those very things still ring true today. Seems the more changes that come, the more the heart remains loyal to itself.


  1. you can express your feelings through writing, and i am sure you will feel great after writing a story...

  2. Very true! My books have brought me closer to myself than I ever imagined :)