Sunday, May 24, 2015

Coffee 'n Breeze Does Summer Vacay! PLUS get your FREE books right HERE!!

CAROLE: Hey Louise!  Vacation time is fast approaching. Wondering if any of our readers have been anywhere interesting in recent years that they’d like to share?  My family adores camping in Death Valley. We love nothing so much as tromping through a run-down ghost town or hiking to the back of an old mine. There’s so much history left tumbling around out there. We’ve seen an eighty foot waterfall in the heart of the desert and wildflowers of every color imaginable.  It’s one of our favorite destinations.
Another thing we like to do is visit Frank Lloyd Wright homes. We’ve toured quite a lot of them and we even got to spend the weekend in one that’s a rental. The house was decked out in original furniture, mid century cocktail glasses, and Life Magazines from the era. It was great fun for a family who loves architecture like we do.  We’ve also had the good fortune to stay at The Historic Park Inn Hotel in Mason City Iowa on several occasions. It’s the last surviving hotel built by FLW and it’s very cool. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan.

LOUISE: Well, Carole, you surely know by now that summer is my FAVE time of year, and along with beach days, barbeques and flip-flops, I always look forward to my annual trip to Lancaster, PA. As much as I’d love to say that I enjoy traveling to exotic, tropical locales, I’m a simple country girl at heart. And nothing comforts me more than a drive out to “Amish Country” where time seems to stop rushing around so darn much. At the first sight of the miles of rolling green farmlands, dotted unassumingly with silos and white houses, my worries seem less formidable. My husband and I have made this trek so often that it has begun to feel like a home away from home. After a day of shopping at road-side vegetable stands and local-owned gift shops, we will typically visit our friends who are lucky enough to call this pretty place their home. And if it’s fried chicken or brown butter noodles you’re after – look no further. Everyone should experience the peaceful Lancaster atmosphere at least once. In fact – now I feel like going again this week!
So friends– now it’s your turn. What is your FAVE vacation spot? We’d love to know where you and your family enjoy escaping to! PLUS as a FREE GIFT the first ten people to comment will receive a copy of Carole Lanham’s latest captivating short story compilation “The Whisper Jar.” Check it out here:

Thanks for shooting the breeze with us today! Stay close and stay cool!


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